Getting journalists and media organizations to pick up your press release can be hard. Without a publicist contacting media outlets to encourage them to interview you, it is not easy to ensure that the people you are intending to reach will ever see your message.

Even just being listed on places like Google News is great, but again, does not guarantee that the public will actually see your message.

However, at Faith News Service, we are not in the business of taking the money of ministries and other organizations reaching the faith market and not delivering them with real results. That is why we guarantee exposure for every release we publish.

Faith News Service is a part of leading global Christian media company, Initiate Media. As such, your press release published on Faith News Service will receive guaranteed distribution on two of our leading editorial sites and

Every release published to Faith News Service automatically feeds to both of these sites, guaranteeing that no matter which media outlets do or not pick up your article, we guarantee to.

So for such a small advertising fee, you are reaching the Christians your press release was intended to.